Born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran, Roxana Manouchehri received her MA in painting from Tehran’s University of Art in 2002.

Manouchehri’s lifestyle directly influences her artistic creations. Having lived in various parts of the world, she enjoys bringing into play cultural references to portray the contrast between two cultures or two time periods.  Though they may seem to have little in common at first, the elements that she uses share much to demonstrate the disparity that she is after both conceptually and technically through their aesthetics representation. 

Since 2004, she’s had a manifestation of contrast. In her Nostalgic Identity, she illustrates this through the placement of flat, two-dimensional ghost-like figures taken from Persian Miniature against backgrounds of the Renaissance period. In her Encounter series; using the traditional Islamic reverse glass painting technique, she depicts ancient Islamic/Shiite and Christian/Catholic figures taken from the Book of Kells. She presented the paintings in symbolic arched frames resembling those in Gothic churches. In her previous series, Korean Period, too the traced shadows of figures were strangely juxtaposed; for instance, in Seoul’s subway platforms, the city she lived for three years before moving to Dublin.

Though her main choice of medium is acrylic on canvas, since 2007, she has been working with installations too.

In 2012, she received the Royal Hibernian Academy Award in Dublin and the Visual Art Full Stipend Award for an art residency in Barcelona. 

Manouchehri currently resides and works in Dublin, Ireland. She has held several solo exhibitions in Iran and South Korea and has participated in numerous group shows worldwide. Also, she has been exposed in several art fairs and her works are included in a number of prominent private collections.