Born in 1977 in Hamedan, Iran, Reza Azimian is a self-taught painter whose major in sociology has become the focus of his professional career as an artist. 

Exploring our changing culture and its parallel effects on our identities and social conducts, Azimian has a distinctive way of expression; finding inspiration in what he finds in his surroundings and what he finds surfing the net.  His findings on the net are not just limited to the at hand images but also the experience concerned such as the inaccessibility of a site or the unloading of a page. These; however, are only the outer layer of his conscious apprehension of social issues. 

His Portraits series has an intense psychological mood on the notions of modern social engagements. And his Download series is focused on the concept of technology and how it interferes with our daily routine and inevitably our identity; both in the real physical and the virtual lives we lead.  In his False Feeling, a sub-series to the Download series, he represents our unrelated and irrelevant thoughts and feelings to portray the psychic shocks and disorders that perhaps have affected us all. 

He reveals a segment that deals with his mental obsession, creating a sense of loneliness that he associates with the speeding advancement of technology and its effects on society and individuals.  Having tried different media, Azimian believes that it is only through oil that he can achieve the kind of end results that he is after: the portrayal of what he thinks is consciously or unconsciously the concern of all. 

Azimian lives and works in Hamedan, an old mountainous city in Iran. In recent years, his works have been exhibited widely, exposed in art fairs worldwide and placed in prominent collections inside and outside Iran.