Born in 1976 in Tehran, Iran, he began his artistic career a few years before graduation by participating in few group exhibitions. After his formal training, he held his first solo show in 2002.

Growing up in a family where tradition and religion had a strong presence throughout his upbringing, his work reflects directly on the presence of these two notions.  The sentiment of Adambakan’s psychology and his naturally excited nature and outlook on his society is visible in his paintings as he concurrently works and engages with all his different series.

With his large body of work ranging from medium scale landscape paintings, cityscapes and more recently, large scale figurative scenes taken from religious stories, Adambakan brings out and projects his very personal world over layers and layers of acrylic paint, pencil, charcoal, pastel and ink. One of the most significant elements in his paintings is the well-cogitated use of lines and colours.  The bold, intense and varied colours and the extreme contrast and conflict in them represent Adambakan’s social concerns, his critical psychological reaction to the realities of his society, his background and his identity.

Adambakan received a BA in painting in 1999. He lives and works in Tehran and has participated in more than 50 national and international exhibitions. His work has been exposed in several art fairs and is in some important private collections.  In addition to painting, Adambakan teaches and has over the years collaborated with art magazines and newspaper as a researcher and writer.