10 of 17, 10 Years of Iman Safaei’s Graphic Design for Assar Art Gallery
21 October -25 October, 2016


Assar Art Gallery presents 10 of 17, a decade of Iman Safaie’s designs for the gallery on the occasion of its seventeenth year of establishment.

In this exhibition, the audience is presented with forty-one of the designed items re-executed as a set of silk-screens, each 24 x 34 cm in dimension, prepared in form of art-books in 100 editions signed and numbered by the artist.

The collaboration between Iman Safaie and Assar Art Gallery began in 2005. He was then, a newly graduated young and aspiring artist in quest of proving his creativity and talent; and the seven-year-old gallery, was in search of young talents.

The first commission was for the gallery’s seventh anniversary of establishment. The subject was a card to be designed for this anniversary. The result was striking and marked the beginning of the collaboration.

Ten years passed. In these ten years, the result of the constant and continuous collaboration that has always been one of the gallery’s fundamental policies, were successful despite all the many challenges along the way. Collaborative innovation and visualization of the language and personality of the gallery, as well as understanding the character of each of the gallery’s representing artists has been one of the most successful aspects of this collaboration in which fragments of it are on display in this show.

Iman Safaie was born in 1982 in Tehran. He has worked as an artist and art director with five solo exhibitions. He has also participated in many international group exhibitions and art fairs across the globe. His work is part of the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) collection.