Still Air
26 August -16 September, 2016

Assar Art Gallery is pleased to present Still Air, a solo exhibition of paintings by Niloofar Rahnama.

Presenting nine of her latest paintings in her third exhibition with the gallery, Rahnama showcases her intimate depictions of intertwined stacks of objects. Still Air presents her continuous engagement with form and the visual quality found in mundane objects and random things put together in a special context to be viewed aesthetically.

Rahnama’s contemplations about tensions between the unshakable social stagnation and her desire for transformation has resulted in her playful representation of fictive images. Additionally, her recent body of work is inspired by latent impact of unresolved past moments and objects left behind from distant memories. In this series in particular, an intimate stillness caused by the repetition have been pictured. By placing stacked objects and polished memories in pastel backgrounds, the artist painterly portrays immobility in a non-narrative language.

The art of Niloofar Rahnama has always eradicated the conventional eye and has continuously introduced unexpected aesthetics in odd and seemingly everyday subjects.  She is known for her portrayal of distinctive compositions of form and space and their correlations.  Not only does her vision comply with mainstream painting styles, but through her unique imagination, she also retains her distance from convention.

Born in 1976 in Tehran, Niloofar Rahnama graduated in 2003 with an MA in painting from Tehran’s Azad University.  She has held over five solo exhibitions in Iran and France and has been part of over 15 group exhibitions worldwide. She is the member of the Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts and an associate member of the Iranian Society of Painters.