Out of the House.Within
1 February -22 February, 2019

Assar Art Gallery presents the latest series of paintings by Mina Ghaziani titled Out of the House. Within.

Two years in the making, the series is a concurrent effort in observing technical experiences of great masters such as Vermeer and Da Vinci and creating new paintings. In her latest body of work, Mina Ghaziani practices their painterly technique while she makes her own paintings and explores her new visual tone.

All works on exhibit depict selected corners of Le Train Bleu, the famous restaurant in Paris. Being mesmerized by the dominance of white in spite of the restaurant’s colorful walls and ceiling, Ghaziani selects her preferred details and recreates them through practicing the painterly experiences of old masters. In her creative process, the artist sometimes uses sandpaper on the layers of oil she has applied initially in order to blur what she has created masterly in order to represent her own world.

What all works have in common is whiteness. Major part of her canvases are white and this has a conceptual and visual connotation. The artist finds amity and serenity in white given her stressed social environment and tries to materialize numerous varieties of this color through her painterly practice. The result proves her mastery and distinctive viewpoint.

Creating her canvases in Paris and sketches in Tehran, Ghaziani shifts spaces and attempts to form her personalized world regardless of geographic boundaries. What makes her works stand out, however, is her approach towards the setting: her setting, her place, her space and her personified corners.

Currently living and working in Tehran, Mina Ghaziani was born in 1962 in Babolsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea. She has had seventeen solo exhibitions in the past twenty five years and taken part in many international group shows.