Active Void
28 December -25 January, 2019

Assar Art Gallery proudly presents Active Void, the latest series of works by Mohammad-Hossein Emad.

The series that is in continuation of his other signature wood works accentuates void, the concept the artist has always confronted.

The five exhibited works that come in different shapes, all have an empty space inside as if these negative spaces are to expose themselves in an active way. For instance, in Inflammation, the inside space seems to have decided to pop out unquestionably. Or in Inhale, the sound that is heard when the work is moved indicates the negative space inside that reminds the audience of its presence.

After his last exhibition, Acceptance, in which void was represented as receptivity, this time, Mohammad-Hossein Emad puts forward the action void takes, or in other word, the visual interpretation of what is not visible.

In human relations, empty (or void) as opposed to full means receptivity and listening: an empty space within someone who is capable to hold in other things, other people and other dialogues. In spite of “full” that is aggressive and always intends to show off what it has, void listens, receives well but doesn’t necessarily surrender. The empty space within a room defines the concept of a room and the empty space within a wheel gives meaning to it without being seen.

Emad’s work is about the society in which he lives in general and human beings and humanity in particular. At the same time he materializes his personal world, his life experience and creations are directly connected to one another. “Sometimes I feel the sculpture I make is me. I don’t see a reason why to work if my artwork is not linked to my life and thoughts even if this link is not visible to others. I see my life in the heart of geometry. In real life I experience the fact that two parallel lines never meet (referring to a work titled Pairs), and it’s the same about the Unstable Balance, Disharmonic Movement and many other concepts.”

Mohammad Hossein was born in 1957 in Arak, Iran and moved to Tehran at the age of 34 where he still lives and works. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the past thirty years and won many awards. Also, some of his works are installed in Tehran and other cities of Iran.