Around Objects
25 September -22 October, 2015

Assar Art Gallery is pleased to present Around Objects, the latest paintings by Elahe Heidari.

In her most recent series including 10 oil canvases, Heidari switches focus from her signature secluded women to the objects around them. By painting usual household furnishings and seated female figures connecting to them, the artist expresses her personal and social involvements in her unique painterly language.

Heidari’s limited palette, short and dispersed brush strokes and strong composed canvases offer a sense of determination, tranquility, anticipation and recreation to the female figures she portrays.

Although each work comprises of autobiographical elements, the artist never paints narratives and leaves it up to the audiences of different cultures to impose their stories, feelings and emotions. Nevertheless, the perception and reading is universal.

In her first show with the gallery, Elahe Heidari once again draws inspiration from her feelings with relation to her surroundings and her concern about human beings. Always portraying humans, even in her former body of work where tables and unoccupied chairs had the say, the presence of people was apparent.

Elahe Heidari (born 1968, Iran) has had many solo exhibitions in Tehran since 1997 and taken part in several International group shows. She has also had residencies in Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, and selected as best artist in the Fourth Isfahan Painting Biennale as well as in Dr. Soundozis Drawing Festival at the Imam Ali Museum in Tehran.