Asar(Headless/ Endless)
30 October -1 December, 2015

Assar Art Gallery is pleased to present Asar (Headless/Endless), an exhibition of paintings by Alireza Adambakan. In his 4th solo exhibition with the gallery, Adambakan depicts his latest works from his renowned Haftad-o-Du-Tan series.

In this exhibition, the artist focuses considerably on his innermost feelings and develops them into his signature expressive imagery. All seven canvases on display are frames of Adamabakan’s emotional expression, juxtaposed with religious narratives with which he was brought up. Through his dramatic visual language, Adambakan portrays his critical approach towards current human conditions intermingled with religion and tradition, his two most important sources of inspiration.

In his latest body of work, however, Alireza Adambakan also distances himself from the direct recitation of Islamic stories of Imam Hossein and his 72 adherents and by adding ‘ha’ to the end of the title making it Haftad-o-Du-Tan-ha (tanha:alone) he twists the stories towards himself and turns them to a more personal tale of solitude. Furthermore, through his animated use of line and color and application of various mediums, layer over layer, he makes each painting a manifestation of outspoken soliloquy under the rooted influence of epic stories about bravery, valor and sacrifice. The titles of the works - Terminator, Insatiable, Hidden and Drunken – are other means of self-expression in the series.

Born in 1976 in Tehran, Iran, Alireza Adambakan received his BA in painting in 1999 from Azad University (Tehran) and has participated in over 50 national and international exhibitions in addition to being exposed in several art fairs. Adambakan also teaches painting and has collaborated with several art magazines and newspapers as a researcher and writer.