Paradox lll
13 November -25 December, 2020

Assar Art Gallery exhibits Paradox III, the latest paintings by Javad Modaresi.

In his third show with the gallery, Modaresi features seven oil paintings. After Paradox I and Paradox II, Paradox III portraits cityscapes to which human beings, perspective and ground are added. Paradox I was exhibited at Azad Art Gallery in 2009 followed by Paradox II in 2019, at Assar Art Gallery.

In Javad Modaresi’s work, the title Paradox refers to personal, social, political and cultural contradictions that are the main characteristics of countries in a transitory state and the consequence of the movement and the tension between tradition and modernity. Regarding the works on display, this paradox is also seen in his visual language: beautiful paintings that depict ugliness for instance, generating a feeling of suspension among viewers. In addition, because of the presence of small human figures and the lighting of the paintings in his recent compositions, the works have become more melancholic and enigmatic.

By adding Perspective to his compositions and focusing more on detail, Modaresi has also observed Persian Painting in his latest works. For instance, in most of his paintings, no matter how far each visual element goes to perspective, it does not become smaller, grayer or vaguer, like what happens in Western painting.

Javad Modaresi was born in 1978 in Mashhad, Iran. Although at some point he has used some unorthodox materials such as zinc plates, Perspex and charcoal, his main medium has always been oil paint. His focus has always been architecture, portraying ancient monuments such as caravanserais or other architectural ruins, or focusing more on urban buildings and spaces. Modaresi is an MA graduate and has held 12 solo exhibitions in the past 18 years and participated in several international group exhibitions.