15 January -5 February, 2016

Assar Art Gallery is pleased to present Sealed, a solo exhibition of the latest paintings by Mojtaba Tajik.

Exhibiting ten of his latest works in this exhibition, Tajik presents his continuous conceptual engagement with social concerns through the objects he chooses to depict. His theatrical approach to painting and use of cold and vintage acrylic colours in this collection resembles his signature style and themes, but this time he has painted a collection of lockers, office drawers, suitcases stacked on top of each other, a row of letter boxes, locked metal cabinets, card index files and such, all being indirect references to social structure, order, principally criticizing our modern lifestyle. Our life in apartments (or containers) as Tajik likes to describe it, is the central subject and reason behind the creation of this series.  Through these paintings, the artist criticizes the outcome of our segregated lives which is causing us more and more social isolation while also touching on the poetic side of humanity as we are still eager to find love and harmony.

Known for merging the aesthetic language with his personal contemplations on notions of social classification, segregation and stereotypes, Tajik has long chosen to select to paint a variety of objects; fruits and vegetables, soda cans and bottles, coins, keys and nails, bowls and boxes, paper boats and shoes. All these objects have been used metaphorically to go beyond their aesthetic value and function in order to express something about our contemporary society and human conditions. Tajik’s engagement with random objects is his way of referring to how the ordinary is inflicted by social perceptions, class and power.

A keen photographer, Tajik has long used his camera as an instrument to create the foundation of his painting routine.  His photographs supply him with initial sketches during the process and these images ultimately go beyond their outward identity and are transformed into the artist’s characteristic creations.

Born in 1966 in Tehran, Iran, MojtabaTajik started his artistic career as a photographer and   was later trained by the Iranian master painter Aydeen Aghdashloo.  He held his first solo show in 1995 in Tehran’s Seyhoun gallery.  Since then he has participated in many national, and international exhibitions as well as art fairs.