State of Emergency
7 September -19 September, 2012

Assar Art Gallery is pleased to present State of Emergency, an exhibition of paintings by Negar Orang. 
Not in response to, but more of a reaction to what has been happening on the streets of the Middle Eastern countries commonly known as the Arab Spring, Negar Orang portrays her take on such social and political endeavors through her 17 graffiti-like paintings on exhibit.
Just as how graffiti is used as an artistic way to express underlying social and political messages, by using acrylic paint and spray paint on cardboard, Negar Orang expresses her inner feelings and assessments of the current turmoil through a similar representation. By taking images from various media and stripping them off any agenda, she tries to capture a moment that has not been photographed before and picture it in an artistic way to show the sense of power and anger that invigorates the crowds to go to the streets.
The idea for the creation of this collection was planted in 2010, however the actual work on the painting started in 2011.  Visualizing the situation of the distressed people, their fears, their angers, their strengths, their hopes and desires is the principal reason behind this collection.
Born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran, Negar Orang received her Master’s degree in illustration from Tehran University of Art in 2010 and has been part of several exhibitions ever since her first solo show at Merhrva Art Gallery in 2008.