Assar Art Gallery at Art Dubai 2010


17-20 March, Madinat Jumeirah – Booth B8
As a major platform for contemporary art practice across the Middle East region, Art Dubai 2010 showcases over 70 galleries from 30 countries and an extensive programme of collateral events in its fourth edition.
Assar Art Gallery’s featured artists in this edition of Art Dubai are Samira Alikhanzadeh, Reza Azimian, Reza Lavassani, Roxana Manouchehri, Ahmad Morshedloo, Azadeh Razaghdoust and Babak Roshaninejad.
Through her figurative and abstract collages of mirror and found photographs, Samira Alikhazdeh resumes giving her audience the chance to gaze at time and space and be gazed back at simultaneously. The use of embossed mirrors in her latest series, however, creates a paradoxical visual experience of being lost in broken images.
In his Download series, Reza Azimian tries to depict the visual contradiction and intellectual impediment the habitual use of technology generates.
With his striking papier mache sculpture and unearthly painting on display, Reza Lavassani demonstrates his power of putting his mythological imagination into abstract figurative creations.
Populating the interiors with the ghost-like silhouettes of figures taken from Persian miniatures, Roxana Manouchehri creates a unique imagery aimed at the visualisation of emptiness rather than the depiction of what is there.
Ahmad Morshedloo continues his narrative by using his realistic technique in the sleeping figure he exhibits, representing the involuntary lonesomeness and forced solitude of individuals.
Through her extratextual references to literature and the mutilated tone of paintings, Razaghdoust recounts the spirit of the older times that recur today in a different manifestation by presenting Epitaph, her latest series.
Thick layers of oil paint that reach a kind of visual metaphor, this time with yellows added to his favorite brown palette, depict Babak Roshaninejad’s masculine and unmoving compositions.
The featured collection of art by seven Iranian artists outlines a selection of Assar Art Gallery’s contemporary engagements.