Assar Art Gallery at Art Moscow 2012


12 - 23 September 2012
Booth 8 – 15 Central House of Artists, 10 Krymsky Val, Moscow
For the 16th edition of Art Moscow, Assar Art Gallery is pleased to present works by four of its prominent artists, Samira Alikhanzadeh, Reza Azimian, Ahmad Moshedloo and Babak Roshaninejad.  
Being fascinated with the issues of identity and reality in relation to past and present and taking inspiration in the melancholic and humoristic quality of old images, Samira Alikhanzadeh uses old found photographs, prints them this time on three layers of Perspex creating a sense of perspective in her recent body of works from her recognized Double series. By using mirror fragments as her main and recurring tool, the artist creates a set for the presence of the viewers within the framework of her compositions to take them to a journey to the past.
Exploring our changing culture and its parallel effects on our identities and social conducts, Reza Azimian’s oil painting, The Unusual Feeling of Well Being No.1 selected from his latest collection, False Feelings, that has been created as a continuation to his well sought after Download series, represents our unrelated and irrelevant thoughts and feelings. It is about the psychic shocks and disorders that perhaps have affected us all.  About the irrelevance of us and our understanding and feelings towards the accepted and approved codes and patterns; the irrelevance of what we desire to what we gain.
In the 3 meter long canvas from the Sleep series by Ahamd Morshedloo, he exposes his focus on social subjects once again and portrays the mental numbness that has affected us and captures the subject’s involuntary loneliness and forced solitude. Although he is more recognized for his ballpoint pen drawings, his large scale oil canvases grabbed the attention of art lovers, collectors and art critics for the first time in 2008 at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin followed by the controversial exhibition of the Saatchi Collection of the Middle Eastern art in 2009 in London.
Being known for his heavily applied large scale out of context oil paintings, Babak Roshaninejad’s five-panel work, The Taming of Wild Horses by Orpheus from his No the History Is Not Written by the Victors, I write the Damn Thing series once again depicts his constant mental challenge of tools of power. By Magnifying and placing the object in an upward tilted angle against a flat black surface, not only does he reinforce this challenge but also mocks the whole concept ironically by associating it with Orpheus, the mythical musician being famous for his ability to charm all living things, even stone. 
Also, the newly opened Ariana Gallery, under the direction of Omid Tehrani, specializing in Modern and Contemporary Masters will be showcasing works by Aydeen Aghdashloo, Mohammad Ehsai, Farhad Moshiri, and Charles Hossein Zenderoudi. 
Founded in 1995, Art Moscow has grown rapidly in the last editions of the fair and now acts as a catalyst for the recent development of the national market of art which is becoming a part of the public life – the “new” thinking public – in Russia.

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